Design & Program

City Of Stayton


Industrial Systems provided the control system design and programming to expand this facility by approximately 50% while updating the Allen-Bradly PLC 5 based control system to the Control Logix platform. The SCADA system for this facility is based on Wonderware and includes remote access and data logging.

The original PLC 5 control system at this facility was of CH2M Hill design and included redundant processors but with a single, serial, communications system. Our redesign of the control system provided the facility with a fiber optic Ethernet network configured in a ring topology. This approach guards against a plant wide communications failure due to a single communications path interruption.

The PLC and HMI programming for this facility were ported from the original CH2M programs and were then modulized to the greatest extent possible. This included the creation of PLC ladder logic blocks for common control functions such as fixed speed pump/blower control and variable sped pump/blower control. Similar custom configurable blocks were created for common HMI objects such as tanks, pumps, blowers and similar equipment.


Stayton, OR