Control System

Discovery Corridor


This project included the final design and supply of the electrical and control systems for five pump stations that serve to connect the Ridgefield, WA, wastewater system with the Clark Regional WWTP in Salmon Creek, WA. The five pump stations include pumps from 7 ½ HP to 200 HP all of which are VFD controlled. The 200 HP VFD’s at the -209th street pump station are 18 pulse drives.

This was a public bid project based on typical pump station drawings that had been modified with notes to include the intent of operation for each individual pump station.

Industrial Systems completed the detail design of the PLC and VFD control system for each pump station and provided the VFD’s, control panels and radio communication equipment.

Three of the pump stations were retrofits and two were new construction. The control system and VFD’s of one pump station were rebuilt in the field using Industrial Systems design and oversight while the other four control panels were of new construction.

Each pump station includes the requirement for hardwired float control back up and pump station overflow alarm. All pump stations communicate to the Clark Regional Wastewater SCADA system via Ethernet radio.


Vancouver, WA