This facility treats contaminated ground water that is drawn from a series of wells along the Willamette River and discharges the clean water into the river. Industrial Systems designed, supplied and programmed the control system for this ground water treatment process. The system employs an Ethernet network of Allen Bradley Compact Logix processors, Powerflex VFD’s, touch panels and a Factory Talk View SE server/client SCADA system. The SCADA system also includes Win 911 alarm dialing and XL reporter to automatically create reports for all daily operations. This control system also includes an integrated maintenance reporting system and full control and monitoring is made available to the operations staff through redundant remote access methods. Three years after the initial installation based on Factory Talk ME and employing mostly remote manual control capability in accordance with the owner’s initial direction, ISINC was retained to upgrade this system from Factory Talk ME with several standalone operator stations to the current Factory Talk SE client/ server arrangement. This update also includes the implementation of automatic control of all processes and allows for non-attended, 24 hour operation of the facility.


Portland, OR