Control System

Josephine County Juvenile Detention Facility


This juvenile Facility was taken out of service for several years. When the County realized the need to utilize it once again the door locks and door control systems were updated.

The facility installed all new AirTeq ™ locks and utilized all existing field wiring. We also installed a new PLC based control system. The outdated Bogen intercom system remained in service due to budget and schedule constraints.

The Control system we designed, built, installed and programmed, replaced a proprietary board level door control system that used toggle switches and indicator lights. The new system uses a touch screen computer and incorporates the automatic connection of intercom stations in an area when that area is selected on the touch screen.

Our system was based on the GE RX3i PLC, included a 21” in console mounted touch screen computer running Cimplicty HMi software. We also included a custom designed and fabricated landing system for the existing field wiring that eliminated the need to re-terminate and land the existing field wiring. All the field wiring simply plugged into the new control panel.


Grants Pass, OR