Louis Dreyfus Commodities (Ldc)


LDC chose to rebuild their facility while only retaining a small amount of the original equipment. This meant replacing all the PLC hardware and install a new SCADA system. R&W Engineering designed the plant electrical and programmed the PLC hardware. Industrial Systems, Inc. designed and programmed the SCADA system. The SCADA integration included 8 PLC’s, Compressor, 3 Weigh Scales communicating over Ethernet using a mix of hard wire and fiber optics. Equipment such as Belts, Drags, Legs, Dust Systems etc. are wired to the PLC that is local to that area. Hazard temperature monitoring of bearings, rubs and ambient are wired to Mux’s with the Mux units communicating to a single PLC via Ethernet. The SCADA system is also integrated into a separate Plant SQL Inventory system to display Inventory Levels, Grades and status of production. In all, the SCADA system includes 20k+ points, 1000+ graphic objects, 44 types of equipment and over 6K alarms. The objects are designed with the future in mind. Any changes needed to equipment can be made in one place so that modifying or adding equipment is quick, consistent with all other equipment and without loss of production time.

SCADA PC integration includes a Server, 3 – 42” Operational Viewers, 1 – 21” Desktop Viewer, 1 – 21” Federal Grain Inspection Viewer, 4 concurrent user license for complete Web Page access to any operational graphic from any desktop on the Plant Intranet. SQL Server is used to track all equipment operation and temperature values.

SCADA operation includes monitoring of all equipment control and status. Alarms for equipment are routed per equipment with animation and alarm list. The hazard monitoring temperature alarms are separately monitored and display with an alarm icon near the appropriate equipment. Selecting the alarm icon will open a graphic detail of that specific equipment. Additionally, selecting an alarm in the alarm list will also open the graphic detail where that alarm is located.


Portland, OR