Millennials In The Workplace

How Refreshing!

Ten years ago I would never have thought I would ever hear myself say that about interviewing and hiring younger employees. Things have changed. Times have changed. The way of doing business has changed. People’s values have changed. Or have they?

I seldom talk to anyone under 40 who seems willing to put as much into their career as I was always told was necessary for those who truly want to excel at what they do. Yet somehow recently I have begun to see and hear something in the under 40 crowd that makes me excited.

No, they don’t want to work 60 hours a week and be married to their jobs like their parents were or like so many of us old duffers were/are. But they are absolutely willing to give their all to something they believe in. And their all can be impressive.

This generation of people has grown up in a time of plenty in this Nation for the most part. Unlike many of us from the so called Boomer or Generation X eras, they do not appear to be driven by a necessity to make their lives better; their lives have always been pretty good. They expect their lives will be good going forward and they want to be a part of making the world a better place.

Yes, they expect a lot from life and from an employer, but if we really pay attention we will see that they really aren’t of an entitlement mindset, they simply expect things to be good and comfortable. Much to the surprise of many, they are eager and incredibly capable to do what it takes to make things that way, they just see life a bit differently than the Boomers did.

Industrial Systems has had the good fortune of adding several incredibly talented and capable young people to our staff recently and I am excited to watch them grow and help make our company better than ever!