Canal Flow Optimization

Roza Irrigation District


Roza Irrigation District constructed a 1,600 acre-foot capacity reservoir near Sunnyside, Washington. This re-regulation reservoir allows them to more efficiently use water and better control canal levels. This project included a pump station with five vertical turbine pumps and multiple valves – water is either pumped up to the reservoir or discharged back to the canal through a series of valves. The PLC based system allows for automatic control of downstream canal level.

Industrial Systems provided the detailed control system design and programming. The pump station’s Schneider/Modicon M340 PLC was programmed for controlling the five pumps that lift water from the canal to the storage reservoir and the five discharge valves that control the gravity flow of water back into the canal when demand requires it.

The control system also monitors flow, pressure and level instrumentation. The program was written to automatically control the equipment to either maintain canal level or a desired flow rate between the reservoir and canal. A Cellular communication link allows the district to remotely control and monitor the pump station. The pump station includes a Red Lion Touch panel for local control. The pump station controls were also integrated into the existing Wonderware SCADA system, including alarming and trending. Three remote solar powered control stations utilizing point to point radios were installed to monitor canal and reservoir levels.


Sunnyside, WA